Mil-Spec Electronic Components
ELECOMP 2017 inTehran
ELECOMP is the greatest commercial event in Iran’s Market of Electronics and Computer Products and services. Since its first edition in 1995, numerous players of this stage in Iran introduce their latest achievements in software and hardware in ELECOMP every year. The event provides a unique opportunity to the activists of this sector to negotiate the possibilities of establishing new business and technological ties to boost their business and increase their share of this huge and ever growing market. 

In 2017, we HUMLISUN attened ELECOMP to find the opotunity to enter the market, and in fact we got a great succees , we get potention clients, and we built our good name there. 

Our potential clients in Iran are specialized in the field of SMART HOME systems. For example, the heating water control system, door lock system. And also in the industrial field, like as navigation, petrochemical, elecomunication, etc.   We HUMLISUN offer smart ICs for support the smart system. 

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