Mil-Spec Electronic Components

HUMLISUN is your trusted Electronic Components Supply Chain Partner.  

We provide our clients IC’s components by BOM, or specific request.

We supply state of the art components of : AD, MAXIM,Texas Instruments ,Atmel, Intel,Motorola,STMicroelectronics,and others. (more than 80 brands)

When you are struggling to find the component you need or your requirement is more difficult than normal to source, you can count on HUMLISUN to go that little bit further to get the hard to find components that you need. Whatever project you are working on, when you need Active or Pasive Electronic Components, HUMLISUN are the team for you. Our staff will search through our extensive global database to find just what you need at the right price. No matter if the parts you require are obsolete or you need a day-to-day supply, we will get you the parts you are looking for.

We delivery the goods to our clients from all over the world with high efficiency in short lead time.  

Component Testing and Analysis

HUMLISUN has developed a unique set of procedures and techniques for the authentication of electronic components to minimize the risk of counterfeit parts entering the supply chain.

As well as monitoring approved suppliers. Our inspection process and policy procedures will provide you with quality products and will help safeguard against counterfeiters and defective parts. Our connections with leading test labs across Asia-pacific ensures you will receive high quality components with our guarantee.

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